August 10, 2019



 Hey Fly Girls & Fly Guys!


It's been awhile since I've made a blog post, mostly because I've been just living life and figuring out what's next for me. If you don't follow me on Instagram or YouTube then you may not have heard the news yet...I QUIT MY JOB AS A FLIGHT ATTENDANT. And I'm here to tell you exactly why. I even created an entire 1 hour video about it on my YouTube channel.


I still wake up some days and can't believe I actually walked away from the jet-setting lifestyle. I loved being a Flight Attendant but quite frankly the lifestyle no longer aligned with the future goals I have set for myself. All of the flying from state to state (or country to country) just didn't work for me anymore.


As many Flight Attendants will tell you, this lifestyle isn't easy. Although it is a glamorous lifestyle, it still comes with it's downsides such as instability, loneliness, an empty bank account, and depression. I've experienced it all! Unable to maintain a healthy relationship with a partner or friends, missing family events and moments, not able to live on my own because of a tight salary, and being depressed in the most luxurious hotel rooms.


I started to wonder if it was all worth it. And what's the worst that could happen if I stepped away from this lifestyle to create the full life that I have envisioned for myself? I could always come back because the airline industry isn't going anywhere and they will always need Flight Attendants for safety. If I regret this decision I can return any day.


Most of your favorite flight attendants will quit one day, it's a natural part of the industry. I remember when I first started flying, both of my favorite FA bloggers quit shortly thereafter. It was a complete shocker to me but now I completely understand. It happens and it's okay.


Please understand that I'm absolutely NOT trying to discourage you from pursuing your dreams of being a Flight Attendant, I highly recommend you experience this lifestyle. But know that it's not always going to be friendly skies.


Click below to watch my Why I Quit a Flight Attendant video!










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