Why Flight Attendant School is a Waste of Time and Money

October 23, 2017




Yes, you read that headline correctly, flight attendant school is a complete waste of time and money! I've received countless emails from aspiring Flight Attendants wondering if they should enroll in a private flight school prior to applying to their dream airline and my answer is always NO. Let me explain why. . .


There are several flight schools in the U.S. that promise to teach their students about being a Flight Attendant. . . as long as you're willing to pay a tuition of $3,000-$6,000!!! That's a lot of money for a future flight attendant considering that will be their entire first year salary. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating just a little bit but you get the point.


There's really no need to pay a flight school that much in tuition because the airline that hires you will literally teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about being a Flight Attendant in their ground school training. Every airline has their own "flight school" which consists for 4-8 weeks of intensive hands-on training.  You will learn about the roles and duties of a Flight Attendant, federal aviation regulations, emergency and life-saving procedures, how to evacuate a plane, customer service, aircraft configurations, plus more! Airlines make certain that you are well prepared before working your very first flight.


The flight schools may very well have nice instructors who can teach about being a Flight Attendant, however, the problem is the information you learn will be repeated in training or conflicting because not all airlines have the same procedures. Also, keep in mind that attending a flight school does not place you ahead of the competition. Airlines don't give special consideration to applicants who've attended a flight school over applicants who haven't. You're placed in the same job pool and judged mostly on your interview and customer service skills.


I understand that some people could use a little extra help in the hiring process to become a Flight Attendant, so I created two alternative resources that will help you prepare for your interviews and training at a MUCH lower rate.


The first resource is my book, The Fly Girl's Guide: How to Become a Flight Attendant which is available now on Amazon for only $9.99 for the downloadable version and $15.99 for the paperback.


I sectioned The Fly's Girl Guide into three parts: (1) Applying for the Job, (2) Passing the Interviews, and (3) Earning your Wings.  I wrote this book as an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide that will help you receive a CJO (conditional job offer) from you dream airline! I included my best tips and the secret tricks that I used in my interview to impress the recruiters which ultimately lead to my Flight Attendant career.


For the aspiring Flight Attendants who could use some more personal one-on-one assistance, I now offer Flight Attendant Mentoring! As a Mentor, I work one-on-one with aspiring flight attendants via video chat to help them prepare their best answers for an upcoming interview.  Some other things that I'm available to help with are airline search and resume assistance, image consulting or you can just pick my brain about the Flight Attendant life! My rate starts at only $49 per hourly session. That's a lot cheaper than up to $6,000 in tuition!


I'm here to help you achieve your goal. Feel free to contact me directly at hello@ebonychristina.com if you have any questions.


Best of luck!



Ebony Christina












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