Staying Safe on Layovers | What You Need To Know

February 12, 2017



While enjoying your adventures of being a Flight Attendant and traveling to different states and countries, it's important to stay safe while doing so.  Keep reading to find out what I learned as a Flight Attendant about staying safe on layovers.



Do Not Disturb


The first thing I always do when I arrive to my hotel on my layover is place the Do Not Disturb sign on my door and securely lock it with the deadbolt and chain.  This not only keeps you safe from predators but it will keep housekeeping from disturbing you and prevent any potential room duplicates from walking in on you. Make it a habit to do this as soon as you arrive to your room and anytime you leave and return.


Travel in Packs


On your layovers, explore the city with your crewmembers.  Being as though you may be in a new, unfamiliar city, it’s best to go out in a group or with at least one other person. This precaution will help you stay safe and also creates a good times. Not only do you have someone there to watch your back and help with directions, but it’s always more fun to hangout as a crew.  If you do choose to go out alone, be sure to inform someone where you will be going or leave the information on a note in your hotel room.


Beware of Scammers


A common scam to be aware of is someone calling your hotel room pretending to be hotel or airline staff in an attempt to get your personal information from you such as your credit card or social security number.  Never give out any personal information over the hotel phone because no hotel or airline will ever request that kind of information over the phone.  If this ever happens, immediately hang up and report it to the front desk.


Also, beware of scammers attempting to gain access to your room by pretending to be maintenance person or hotel staff.  If you receive an unexpected knock at your door with someone looking to enter, be sure to call the front desk to verify before ever opening your door.  These incidents don’t happen often but always stay cautious and prepared.


Keep Quiet About Your Hotel


When you’re on the airplane or in the airports, never discuss your layover hotel with anyone other than your crewmembers.  Passengers may asks to be friendly but, never give out the crew’s specific hotel and location, not even the cutie in 4C who flirted with you the entire flight.   


Drink Responsibly


Layovers can be a great time, especially when the entire crew hangs out together but, while you’re out having fun, be sure to drink responsibly! Always keep your wits about you and stay mindful of your surroundings. You don’t want to become incoherent and unable to take care of yourself.  And you definitely don’t want to wake up hungover for your flight the next day!  If you don’t know your alcohol limit now, I recommend you learn it fast.  A layover is not the place to learn that drink #3 will take you over the edge.


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