5 Ways to Find the Best Airline For You

January 3, 2017






This would be my number one deciding factor when choosing an airline, because as someone who has experienced being based at home and being a commuter, believe me when I tell you that being based at home is a blessing and it will make your life as a Flight Attendant much easier. As a Flight Attendant who lives in base, once your trip is done you simply get in your car and drive home. But when you're a commuter you have to hop on another flight just to get home hoping there are seats open and you haven't missed the last flight of the day. See what I mean?  In any case, commuting is doable and a lot of Flight Attendant’s do it. . .but every last single Flight Attendant would be based at home if they could.


2. PAY


You also want to consider pay when picking an airline. But keep in mind, this isn't a career you choose for the money. With that being said, there are ways to pick the best airline to work for based on the pay scale. The first thing to consider is regional vs. mainline. To start, mainline airlines starting pay is always higher than regional airlines. If you want to be sure you're getting the most pay as a new Flight Attendant you may want to start with a mainline carrier. However, don't make this your only reason to work for an airline because there are other variables that are more important. Most airlines post their Flight Attendant pay scale publicly on their website in the career section so be sure to do your research when applying.




Travel is the main reason a girl would decide to become Flight Attendant so it's a good idea to pick an airline with your most desired travel routes. For example, if your dream is to travel to different countries around the world then working for a mainline carrier would be best for you. But if you prefer to travel domestically across the U.S. then a regional airline would be a better fit. Certain airlines only travel to tropical locations, so if you want to chill on the beach on every layover then apply to those airlines. You can find every airlines flight route on their website.




I'm a firm believer that you can get the best and most honest opinion of a company from their current or former employees. You can check out employer review sites like Glassdoor.com for airline reviews among other info. You can find information on employee satisfaction, salary, and interview feedback. That is the best information you can receive because it’s from people who have a first-hand experience. Make this a must-do as you research airlines. 




And if you still can’t decide, just pick the airline with the cutest uniforms!

This is really a method current Flight Attendants have used lol :-)



To find a list of airline currently hiring click HERE 


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