How to Make it Work as a Flight Attendant Mommy

January 10, 2017





I receive a lot of message from aspiring Flight Attendant's asking me if this career could work for someone who is mommy. And the answer is yes!


First, let me start by saying that I am not a mother yet so I am not a Flight Attendant Mommy but I want to give all of my mommies out there a view into that it takes to make this jet-setting lifestyle work.


Although I don’t have this experience first-hand I do have friends who are moms and I fly with several other mothers. The one thing these women all have in common that allows them to live their dream as a Flight Attendant is having a great Support System.


In order to truly enjoy this job and all that is has to offer it’s important that you have someone, whether it be your spouse, parents, family members, etc, that can be there for you and assist you while you're away on trips for work.


If you don’t have a support system, I couldn’t imagine how this job could work. It would obviously be very difficult for a mother to take care of a child by herself and fly. On the other hand, it could work very well for someone who has someone in their life who takes care of home while you’re away.


Trust me when I say there are plenty of Flight Attendant Mommies in the industry. One of my best friend’s, Drea, is a Flight Attendant Mommy. She and her son’s father have a great system and routine set-up to take care of their son.


Another good thing is Flight Attendant’s have the ability to bid for our schedule a month in advance so with that it’s easy to bid for important days off where you must be home. This also helps to work out a schedule with your family.


If you’re thinking of starting this career but you’re unsure of how you can do it, think of all of your loved ones that you trust with your child(ren). See who is willing to support your family while you’re away and start having the conversation now.



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