9 Items Every Flight Attendant Must Have!

January 15, 2017


1. Comfortable Heels




Flight Attendant's spend a lot of time in our heels. . . a lot. We're always required to wear them while walking through the airport in uniform and even throughout the boarding process on the aircraft. Take my word for it when I say you will need a comfortable pair to get you through the day. Don't make the rookie Flight Attendant mistake of trying to wear 6 inch stilettos heels. It looks good but it is so not practical. Clarks are a flight attendant favorite because of the comfy cushion insoles. Don’t skimp out on a good pair of heels.


2. Inflight Flats




Once you’re done strutting through the airport in your heels, it's time to slip on your even more comfortable "Inflight Flats” to begin service. It's never wise to serve from the bar-cart in your heels because it will ruin your feet. And don't try to get away with buying ballerina flats. They offer no support and will cause your feet to ache. Buy a pair of flats with a thick sole or very small 1" heel.  Your feet and bunions will thank you later. 


3. Evian Facial Spray 

I love Evian's Facial Spray because it works great to refresh my makeup in between flights. In the middle of a long day of flying it feels good to touch-up my makeup and reapply my lipstick. After I blot and powder my face I always follow it up with a mist of this face spray. It helps keep your face hydrated and sets your makeup.



4. Vitamins! Vitamins! Vitamins!




Every smart Flight Attendant has a load of vitamins in her rollerboard because it is important to stay healthy and energized in this field. I live by my Women's Daily Multivitamin and Vitamin C! I always feel more energized when I’m consistently taking my vitamins.


A daily multi-vitamin supplements the nutrients you may be missing in your diet. Vitamins also provide energy which comes in handy for those early 4am shuttle times.


And I pop Vitamin C like it’s a good time lol. The circulated air on airplanes is disgusting and filled with germs. Vitamin C will help boost your immune system and fight off any illnesses or viruses. 



5. Insulated Lunch Bag




The best way to save money is to bring your own food on layovers. It's so easy to spend an absurd amount of money eating at different restaurants and ordering room service. If you're looking to budget, be sure to meal prep or pack leftovers for your trips. This is the most popular Insulated Lunch Bag that Flight Attendants love to keep their food fresh.




6. Super-Hold Hair Spray



This is my absolute FAVORITE Hairspray to keep those flyaways and wispies in place when wearing my Flight Attendant bun! It holds my hair in place but is also brushable and doesn't leave a build-up. It's super affordable and also great for curls!




7. Crew Tags


When you’re going through TSA airport security - whether on or off duty - these crew tags come in handy. They pretty much let everyone know that you're apart of the "crew" and that usually gives you VIP treatment. People are just so much nicer when they know you're an airline employee! Make sure you decorate your rollerboard and carry-on bags with a few Crew Tags.




8. Rollerboard



TravelPro is the official rollerboard for flight crews. I've tried to using a cheaper brand that I purchased at Target but it didn't last long because it eventually fell apart. As much as we fly we need a board that will last a lifetime. I personally like TravelPro because it's easy to pull along, has a lot of pockets and is durable.





9. Lyft & Uber 


You will most definitely need both Lyft and Uber on your layovers! If you don't have the apps already I highly recommend you download them now. You can even use my code to get your first rides FREE! 


On your layovers when you want to explore the city these two on-demand transportation apps will come in handy. Rates are lower than cabs and your ride will arrive within minutes. It's especially great for cities that don't offer much public transportation.


Use my code to get your first ride free.

Lyft: EBONY498148

Uber : fbd4p






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