My Story: How I Transitioned From Regional to Mainline [Video]

January 4, 2017



So before I tell y'all how I was able to transition from Regional to Mainline, I think it's important to first explain how I ended up at a regional airline first.

When I first became inspired to become a Flight Attendant I submitted about 3 applications to different airlines; 2 mainline and 1 regional. To my despair, I was turned down by both of the mainline carriers almost immediately. However, the one regional airline that I applied to hired me on the spot at an open session that I later attended in Houston TX. Although it wasn't really in my plan to work for a regional airline I took the opportunity and I'm so glad I did because it prepared me for what was to come next.

I really enjoyed working for the regional airline. I got to travel the country, had great layovers and made a lot of new friends but in my heart I felt I was meant to work at one of the top airlines in industry. Since I wasn't initially given the chance I just decided to make the best of the opportunity I was given as a regional Flight Attendant.

Once thing that I know for sure is if you want to put yourself in a better position in life, particularly with your career, you must act, dress, and carry yourself as if you're already in the position you desire. This is what allowed me to promote myself. There's something about the universe whereas when you give your best with a positive attitude the universe seems to always conspire to help you reach the next level. An opportunity will somehow land at your feet. That has always been my experience. So I showed up for work everyday and gave my best. From serving my passengers, to working with my crew, I always put forth my best effort, even when no one was looking. 


So here's what happened. . . After a year of working for the regional airline I was on a 3-day trip and the Captain I was flying with (Hey, Bart!) complimented my work ethic and said I should definitely apply to this mainline carrier that was hiring at the time. I told him about the time I had already applied and was turned down but he encouraged me to try again. After some thought I figured,  'Why not?'. I might as well because I had nothing to lose. I was already working as a Flight Attendant so if I got rejected again my life would simply go back to normal. So I decided that when I got home from my trip I would submit my application.

Here's where the universe played its part. . . After the trip, I was on the employee shuttle at the airport headed to my car and there was a Captain on there as well who worked for the same airline I was going to be applying with. We chatted a bit and I told him I was going to be submitting my application. He then said I could use his name as a referral in my application! What were the odds this would happen at such the perfect time?! That's when I knew I had to definitely complete that application.


I went home, completed my app and put it in the hands of fate. I still didn't expect anything to happen. In hindsight I think I just didn't want to get my hopes up in fear that they may deny me again. But to my surprise I received an email just 3 DAYS LATER inviting me to complete a video interview!! I couldn't believe they were actually giving me a chance this time! I was excited and knew that this job would be mine. I was planning to give the best interview ever and be the picture perfect Flight Attendant so they could not deny me again. After a successful video interview, I was invited to attend the face-to-face and got offered the position on this spot! 

If you are currently working for a regional airline with hopes of going mainline use my story as an example showing you that it can happen for you just how it did for me. And if you're currently pursuing this career and want to be a Flight Attendant don't be discouraged from starting with regional airline.


I had the time of my life working regional. The people are coolest and the layovers are fun. And on top of that you will learn so much about the industry and culture when starting at regional. 


Check out my YouTube below where I talk more about my transition from Regional to Mainline!





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